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Reply to Wujimon:Background for Kua article

Posted by Editor on July 22, 2006

wujimon Says:
(July 21st, 2006 at 6:07 pm) Wow.. It’s going to really take a bit of time to try and digest the content before I can even know what to ask!………shedding some light on the intricacies of the kua!

That is exactly how I felt in the process of conducting that interview. Actually, that process took place over a period of 2 years! The project represented a major discovery, changing my whole perspective on the mechanics of movement during Taiji practice. I was unable to finish the article until my understanding improved based on more and more questions, and more and more practice. Master Chen was always most exacting and patient, to review my writing and clarify when I had incorrect expressions of his points.

My previous training and research over the years had led to many of the misconceptions of structure and mechanics, as referred to in other approaches mentioned in the article. So just as you put it, the time spent “digesting” the crucial points of correct usage of the kua was really a long term process of physical, structural, and mechanical transformation, to approach the standards laid out in the precise teaching of Hong’s practical method of Chen style Taiji. (Of course this is still an ongoing development.) In my own case, I probably re-read the article 200 or so times, to clarify and reinforce my grasp of the material.

Now, in reviewing this material here on this blog, hopefully readers might benefit from this consideration. Open dialog may be helpful for gaining deeper understanding of the most critical role of correct function and usage of the kua, in the evolution to higher levels of skill in Taiji practice.

As a starting point, it might be useful to consider how to isolate attention onto correct structure of different parts of the kua, throughout entire form practice. (This would then represent another application of the isolation of focus strategy mentioned earlier in the post “form practice suggestions“.) This emphasis might occupy a practitioner’s attention for quite an extended period of time, to develop the increased co-ordination, sensitivity, and other qualities associated with an “open kua”. Even the specific focus can be narrowed in many different ways, such as the are just above the kua and how it interacts with the kua. Or the area just below the kua, the role it plays, and how to position it properly. Or the inside area around the kua, or the outside area, etc.

Of course, to engage in any such specialized intensive practice, it is most valuable to have a clear direction, and understanding of the ideals to strive for. It is necessary to have confidence inspired by the guidance coming from the qualified teacher. That is the value of having such precise exposition of the details shared by Master Chen in that interview. Hopefully it can be helpful for the investigation by readers here.

One Response to “Reply to Wujimon:Background for Kua article”

  1. wujimon said

    Wow!! I can’t believe it took 2 yrs to complete the article, well.. actually based on the content of the article, I can now see why it took 2 yrs, not just 2 yrs of intellectual understanding, but also physical understanding!

    I think you’re doing a great service to not only taiji students, but to the community as a whole by offering differing perspectives for further consideration.

    Great blog!

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