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Letter from friend: Unique solution to end Middle East Crisis

Posted by Editor on August 2, 2006

Internal Arts IA promises to offer discussion of internal arts beyond the martial genre. My friend sent me the following letter and news story, which presents a truly “internal” approach to resolve military conflicts. Since thousands of years of the confrontational approach has certainly proven futile, the logic of trying something new has a positive ring to it , in our book. In future posts we may be able to explore new trends in world collective consciousness which may offer some glimmer of hope for more intelligent approaches to the myriad of problems facing us today.

After hours of watching CNN, FOX or wherever you choose to televise your war, one wouldn’t be human or even a nice person, if the desire to end to all of this violence, suffering and hardship that is taking place in the Middle East at this very moment, didn’t cross your mind, regardless of your politics, religious affiliation and spiritual practices. The reality is, deep down, or on the surface, all of our souls cry out for a solution to end this continued travesty to human kind.

The solution mentioned in this article, to end this negativity might seem weird or different at first, but could actually be a viable solution and can make real common sense to someone with an open mind and heart. We have been doing it the other way with bloodshed for thousands of years, why not give something new a try? We all believe in the power of prayer and just because this is a form of prayer that everyone may not be familiar with in the USA, doesn’t mean it can’t be and isn’t extremely effective.

[Edited here for content] No one should suffer and our friends in Israel most assuredly don’t deserve this fate either. The world is truly our family but how do we bring permanent peace to our immediate and distant relatives? As a very great sage once said, “until we can love every other man’s children as our own, there will always be war”.

The TM Movement has been quietly sending people, Transcendental Meditators to these war zones throughout the world for over 30 years as conflicts arise, to do their Transcendental Meditation Program, at their own expense, to help from the quieter, more powerful levels and create coherence and peace for the world.

It is easy to be negative and criticize that which one doesn’t understand, especially if it is the safe route and in doing so, it makes you look smarter and gives one a sense of power and a false sense of knowingness over others by rejecting the unfamiliar in the midst of the majority. The critic always puts himself above those that he criticizes, just by virtue of being a critic. Usually this is the motivation to assume such a role, whether appointed or the more usual, self-appointed.. As my dear enlightened father likes to say often, “Critics and know- it- alls, build nothing”.

It is easy to say meditation doesn’t work and it is even easier to say people can’t fly. Almost everyone can “jump” on that thinking and find little of the crowd to not be on your side. It is a safe path indeed, but not necessarily the right one. I find, usually, the people that laugh the hardest are the same people that find themselves above all such things and are self proclaimed experts on life, religion and spirituality and they basically haven’t the remotest idea of what the actual experience is and they knee jerk out a criticism that is highly judgmental and totally without any merit, that makes them feel good for sticking to their closed and safe dogmatic beliefs. Basically, self proclaimed experts without the experience of what they judge. We all tend to reject that which we haven’t personally experienced and as we get older, we tend not to experience that which differs from our limited, yet absolute experiences to date. When this state of ignorance hardens, and the joy, innocence and happiness is almost all gone and we become strongly opinionated, closed and FIRM in our ABSOLUTE thinking, we die. Funny thing about that. Being open to new possibilities, like an innocent child, isn’t naivety and mistaken or incomplete or uninformed thinking, it is the basis for true wisdom, good health and God’s continued divine grace.

These dear friends of mine on both sides of the current conflict, mentioned in this article below, are extremely positive, compassionate, creative people, who are making a real effort to neutralize the negativity in the world through their meditations, their positive actions and most of them have been devoted to doing this for over 35 years. I applaud their relentless, self -sacrificing, humble dedication and service to their fellow man. I hope you enjoy the article and I hope you allow the positivity surrounding their efforts and achievements to flow into every aspect of your life without judgment, fear, doubt or negativity. The world can use your powerful coherence, love and pure attention at this time. I really felt you would enjoy knowing about this and this is my reason for sending it to you and I also felt since I know you to also be a very good, loving and giving person, you too would appreciate and open to embrace any solution that may end the pain and suffering of your fellow man. ENJOY the article and all that you do and thank you for your positive and kind attention on this and in my life.

All the very best to you and your families, immediate and extended,


Forget the F-16s, Israel needs more Yogic Flyers to beat Hizbullah

Jul. 23, 2006

There are Katyusha rockets falling in villages and towns all around them, but for the “squadron” of 30 Israeli Yogic Flyers assembled at a hotel on Lake Kinneret all is quiet. That’s because they have managed to create a shield of invincibility around their gathering place. Now they are calling for another 235 Flyers to come and join them to create a shield that would, they say, cover all of Israel.

In an interview from the Nof Ginnosar Hotel near Tiberias on Saturday, the Prime Minister of the Peace Government of Israel and Yogic Flyer Alex Kutai called on the elected Israeli government to recruit a group of 265 Yogic Flyers who, through an advanced technique of Transcendental Meditation (TM), he asserted, would create a shield of invincibility around Israel and bring about an immediate cessation of violence with the Hizbullah.

Prime Minister Kutai, who is also the Chairman of the International Transcendental Meditation Society in Israel, said his elected counterpart Ehud Olmert had to urgently find a group of 265 people trained in the TM technique and maintain them in one location where they can generate an invincibility shield around Israel against all forms of war and violence, including road accidents, and keep the shield up permanently.

“Ten days before this latest round of violence broke out between Israel and the Hizbullah, we received an urgent message from the headquarters of the Global Government of World Peace that there was an immediate danger of violence in the region, and that each country had to mobilize its Yogic Flyers – those who practice the TM technique – to ward off the danger,”
Kutai said earnestly.

According to Kutai, the Yogic Flyer practices an advanced meditation technique in which his or her consciousness is brought to a level where thinking is without content, where the Flyer connects with the “source of all energy and intelligence – beyond any thought and at the same time the source of all thought.” Kutai said this state is what physicists call the United Field of the Laws of Nature.

The number 265 should be sufficient, Kutai said, as it conforms exactly to the formula discovered by the overall leader of the Global Government of World Peace, Raja (King) Tony Nader. The formula postulates that the square root of one percent of a country’s population is the right number of people needed to tap into a Collective Consciousness strong enough to create a shield of invincibility. Since Israel has an estimated 7 million inhabitants, one per cent is 70,000 and the square root of 70,000 is 264.575.

Kutai said that according to his calculations, 500 Yoga Flyers would be needed to bring peace to the Middle East, but that the Flyers would have to be spread throughout the region. Kutai said he is aware of a similar group of TM practitioners in Lebanon, but that he is not currently in contact with them.

According to “King” Nader’s Web site, he is now the First Sovereign Ruler of the Global Country of World Peace. His official title is His Majesty Raja Nader Raam, and his association’s physical address is listed as Maharishi Health Education Center P.O. Box 116-5350 Beirut – Lebanon.

The Global Country of World Peace is a country without borders inhabited by citizens who love peace, Kutai said.

According to his Web site, Professor Tony Nader M.D., Ph.D. obtained his MD degree from the American University of Beirut, where he also studied internal medicine and psychiatry. His Ph.D. was in brain and Cognitive Science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where he was also a visiting physician at the Clinical Research Center. He did his post-doctoral work as a Clinical and Research Fellow in Neurology at the Massachusetts General Hospital, the Harvard Medical School.

Nader conducted various research projects on neurochemistry and neuroendocrinology. According to his Web site, he has demonstrated scientifically that human physiology is made up of the 40 aspects of Veda and Vedic Literature, and that all the infinite organizing powers of all kinds and the whole cosmos are seated in the physiology of every human being.

“Therefore every individual – whether Christian or Hindu, Muslim or Buddhist, Sikh or Jain or Parsee – has been scientifically proven to be cosmic, and to have unlimited cosmic potentiality. Higher Intelligence is located in the very physiological structure of every man, woman and child in the nation, and only needs to be awakened for everyone to enjoy the support of Higher Intelligence,” the Web site says.

Nader could not be reached for comment, but Kutai said that the “king,” who is of Christian Lebanese origin, has gathered a group of 400 European Yogic Flyers to his current headquarters in Holland to keep Europe safe.

Last week, the Israeli branch of the Transcendental Meditation Association had gathered 64 Yogic Flyers at the Hof Ginnosar hotel, but for various reasons only 30 have stayed on this week – far short of the number said by Kutai to be necessary to stop the current round of violence.

Presently, the remaining Israeli Yogic Flyers gather at a large hall in the hotel for two meditation sessions, lasting four hours apiece, every day.

Kutai described the process involved in the Maharishi Technology of
Consciousness: “Everybody is seated on foam mattresses, and some of the bodies lift from the air – they hop in the air. What is created in the brain, and EEG research shows this, is a highly coherent brain function.
Every person is cosmic and is connected to the unified field. You create coherence inside yourself, and within a group a coherence can be created, and this can spread to a wider area. You can create anything from this level of consciousness, pure consciousness, a level of perfect order. From this level an invincibility can be created in the national consciousness, where no negativity can be created from within, and none can penetrate from the outside.”

Kutai said that the elected government of Israel should establish a group of
265 Yogic Flyers and maintain them so that peace could be ensured on a permanent basis. “We have the best army but it cannot prevent the missiles.
The government should create this group now. It is much cheaper than bombs.
It is cheaper than even one wing of a fighter bomber,” Kutai said.

Anybody can become a Yogic Flyer, with the right training, within a few weeks, Kutai said, adding that the current Israeli “squadron” of Flyers includes businesspeople, bankers, teachers, retirees, and hi-tech workers.

Kutai’s group are the only guests at the Nof Ginnosar Hotel at this point in time, as Hizbullah rockets have badly dented the entire tourism industry around Lake Kinneret. “We put up a shield around the 30 of us. There is nobody else here. If there were more people our shield would extend even further outward, we could protect more people,” the “prime minister” told The Jerusalem Post.


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