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Chen Style Workshop in Michigan, Sep 28 – Oct 1

Posted by Editor on September 21, 2006

Rick Taracks is a highly respected teacher of Yiquan, Taiji, and push hands, teaching in Michigan. For the past 6 years, he has made regular visits to China, meeting and training with many famous masters of Yi Chuan, and other internal styles. He has developed unique teaching methods for developing proper structure and internal awareness, and higher level push hands skills. You can learn more about his “School of Cultivation and Practice” by visiting his website at

For the past three years, he has sponsored Chen Xiaowang in workshops greatly enjoyed by all who attend. Information for this year’s workshop follows:

Chen Xiaowang Michigan Seminar/Camp 2006 Sept 28th – Oct 1st ( SIGN UP TODAY )

WHERE: This years Seminar will be at: Plymouth ELKS 41700 Ann Arbor Rd Plymouth, Michigan 48170

WHEN: Sept 28th (Thursday), through (Sunday) Oct 1st, 2006

COST: The cost is: $100 a day

TOPIC: Silkreeling Sept 28 – 29, Laojia Sept 30 – Oct 1

Email to: Question please write to

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