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Chen Zhonghua Course Offerings

Posted by Editor on December 16, 2006

For your information, opportunities for instruction from Chen Zhonghua:

1. There will be a full time taijiquan training course on Daqingshan Mountain in China from May 1, 2007 to July 30, 2007. For more information please go to:

2. Master Chen Zhonghua’s 2007 workshop schedule is posted here for those who are interested:

Following are listings of items on sale, from the instructional catalog:

1. Book: Grandmaster Hong Junsheng’s Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method Volume One: Theory. Was 39.99 plus shipping.
Now till December 31, 2006: $30.00 includes shipping when you order this product only. Shipping applies if there are other products ordered.,shop.product_details/flypage,shop.flypage/product_id,117/category_id,6/manufacturer_id,0/option,com_virtuemart/Itemid,26/

2. Hunyuanqigong Bundle: Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang’s Hunyuanqigong English book and Chen Zhonghua’s Hunyuanqigong DVD/VCD combo:,shop.product_details/category_id,6/flypage,shop.flypage/product_id,116/option,com_virtuemart/Itemid,26/

3. Book Bundle: Grandmaster Hong Junsheng’s Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method Volume One in English and Chen Zhonghua’s Practical Method Yilu Detailed Instructions DVD/VCD combo.,shop.product_details/flypage,shop.flypage/product_id,113/category_id,6/manufacturer_id,0/option,com_virtuemart/Itemid,26/

4. Applications Video Bundle: Chen Zhonghua’s Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method Yilu Detailed Applications 4-DVD/VCD combo.,shop.product_details/flypage,shop.flypage/product_id,115/category_id,13/manufacturer_id,0/option,com_virtuemart/Itemid,26/

5. All other products listed at site is at 40% off from November 25 to December 31, 2006. The discounts are not marked on the webpage. Just make your order as before, when we process your order, we will only charge 60% of the total.


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