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Chen Zhonghua Clip from “Basic Silk Reeling” Video

Posted by Editor on December 21, 2006

As a disciple of Feng Zhiqiang, Chen Zhonghua has also recorded instructional material such as his “Basic Silk Reeling” DVD and VCD. This is a clip from that instructional video for Taiji warmup silk reeling exercises.


5 Responses to “Chen Zhonghua Clip from “Basic Silk Reeling” Video”

  1. chessman71 said

    I can’t tell you hom much that looks like snake palm from baguazhang. It’s the exact same movement.

  2. Chenquestion said

    FWIW, there’s a “Bagua silk reeling” class clip on YouTube that I really liked and saved it because I thought it would fit in with my attempts to pursue Chen Zhonghua-style silk reeling exercise. Very broad movements and very wide range of motion; looked good for an agile beginner such as myself. I don’t want to mix myself up by looking too far into baguazhang, but if some of its powerful techniques cross directly over into taijiquan, so much the better!

  3. Hi Chessman,

    Agreed, that move has similarities to common bagua variations. I wouldn’t read too much into it though. The silk reeling is more for warming up, cultivating flexibility, whole body movement, opening up the joints, etc. The circles and form practice will provide the “techniques”.

  4. eamon jefford said

    How does one get to look at what Chen Zhonghua has to offer in terms of buying his dvds is there a web site to go to, thanks.

  5. Editor said

    Hi Eamon,

    Actually, we plan on formally offering all of the DVD’s, via links to our companion website, beginning in July some time. For now, if you have questions about selection, and would like to know what I have available, you could inquire by leaving a message, with contact info, at Ph# 563-773-7958. You could also buy online now, at

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