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Chen Zhonghua Interview on Hong Book, Part 2

Posted by Editor on February 6, 2007


Part 2 of the interview, with more video footage of Grandmaster Hong pushing hands, as he was approaching 90 years of age.

2 Responses to “Chen Zhonghua Interview on Hong Book, Part 2”

  1. chenquestion said

    What a pleasure and inspiration to watch! Following his own advice in training and method obviously rewarded Grandmaster Hong very well indeed. In our modern world, many of us will live to see 90 or even 100 years of age. But will we possess the capabilities and joyous heart of a man like this? Thanks Internalartsia for posting these videos of Hong Junsheng and Chen Zhonghua.

  2. Editor said

    Hi Chenquestion,

    Thank you for your feedback and appreciation. The more one learns about Hong, the more inspirational he becomes. One thing impressive about his own longevity, his life spanning almost 9 decades, is the fact that he had lost family and most all material possessions during the “revolution”. He endured great physical hardship, during many years homeless, and often without even food to eat. Yet, teaching Taiji every day, he lived a long vigorous life in fulfillment, eventually inspiring so many disciples to attain great heights in their own practice. Even at the end, when his skills had attracted much fame, he still insisted on living a very simple life, with his dedication to Taiji his driving purpose.

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