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Followup:”Matching Power”, Where is the Center

Posted by Editor on March 19, 2007

Our last post, “Practical Application of Matching Power”, gave rise to the following comments and discussion with an astute observer, who appreciated the content. He raised some very interesting points which Read the rest of this entry »

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Practical Application of “Matching Power”

Posted by Editor on March 19, 2007

The following clip, appearing on Practicalmethod, March 19, offers a glimpse of typical “indoor” secrets, often revealed by Chen Zhonghua, in his open teaching of the internal principles of Chen Taiji. The famous concept of “4 ounces” controlling 1000 pounds, the ideas of sensitivity, neutralizing, redirecting force—- all these are common ideas, often expressed in language which conveys something “mysterious”, or vague, or philosophical. Teachers often seem to portray “internal” as something “mental”, “spiritual”, etc., as if “separate” from the skill of applying mechanical and functional requirements of high level Taiji. Here it becomes apparent how Chen Zhonghua bridges this gap, in his lucid concrete demonstration of the truly internal nature of Hong’s Practical Method. Of special interest, the instructions shed some brilliant practical light on the function of balance, and how to establish center in practice with opponents.

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