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Practical Application of “Matching Power”

Posted by Editor on March 19, 2007

The following clip, appearing on Practicalmethod, March 19, offers a glimpse of typical “indoor” secrets, often revealed by Chen Zhonghua, in his open teaching of the internal principles of Chen Taiji. The famous concept of “4 ounces” controlling 1000 pounds, the ideas of sensitivity, neutralizing, redirecting force—- all these are common ideas, often expressed in language which conveys something “mysterious”, or vague, or philosophical. Teachers often seem to portray “internal” as something “mental”, “spiritual”, etc., as if “separate” from the skill of applying mechanical and functional requirements of high level Taiji. Here it becomes apparent how Chen Zhonghua bridges this gap, in his lucid concrete demonstration of the truly internal nature of Hong’s Practical Method. Of special interest, the instructions shed some brilliant practical light on the function of balance, and how to establish center in practice with opponents.

One Response to “Practical Application of “Matching Power””

  1. Jake sergio said

    Joseph Chen should call his style something other than Tai Chi Chuan. His style breaks all of the tenets of TCC (TJQ), regardless of which of the other styles, Taoist Society being the exception. I have seen him in action, and I have worked with his students. I could write a book, so I will spare the space it would take to comment in detail. I have judged nationally, and I teach with 50 years in the MAs and 25 of which have been in the internal arts. His style is by no means “practical” and as a physician, I can tell you not healthy. I know for a fact that he has taken flack, not just from me, but from others throughout the IMAs world as well. He talks the talk of Tai Chi Chuan in his postings on the internet, yet in actuality the technique he teaches is contrary. I have seen video of his teachers, who unlike Joseph, adhere to the tenets of TCC, and yet Joseph, for what ever reason (maybe just to set himself apart, which is common particularly in the external martial arts with teachers coming up with “their own style” so as to become the standard bearer and to promote themselves in rank) deviates dramatically.

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