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Chen Zhonghua: Workshop in Fairfield, Iowa, November 10, 11

Posted by Editor on October 31, 2007

Iowa will be the venue for a rare opportunity to learn from Chen Zhonghua, the second weekend in November.

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Read on for details:

Here is the info for workshop:

Taiji Master Chen Zhonghua, in Fairfield, Iowa. Master Chen is the International Lineage Holder of Hong’s Practical Method of Chen Style Taijiquan.

You can learn more about his teaching, and see video clips of him demonstrating his high level of taiji and teaching skills, at this blog:

Master Chen’s Website has lots of Information:


Dates: November 10, 11. Saturday, 9:30 AM Registration, Class 10:00 AM – 4:30 or 5:00 PM. Sunday, 8:30-4:00 PM.

Location: Fairfield, Iowa. County Fairgrounds, Fair Board Extension Building, Highway 34, Fairfield.

Material: Lots of value for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students of all styles. Taiji Foundations, Circles, Rotation, and Movement. Introductory principles of form. Partner work, centering, balance, joint rotation for effortless integrated movement. Push hands drills, and advanced techniques for practice. First time in US: Master Chen will teach usage of resistance bands. (Several of Master Chen’s intermediate level students, with bands, will be in attendance, to help everyone benefit from both the partner work, and the usage of the bands.) This practice is especially valuable for cultivation of the precise correct flow of movement in circles and form practice. It develops a centered overall structure, with appropriate coordination of all joint rotations for optimal integrated whole body interaction. This practice has been the “secret” ingredient which enabled many Chen Taiji practitioners from Jinan, China, to attain the skills which brought them so many gold medals in the highest China National level form and push hands competitions. Now Master Chen will make this practice easily accessible for all of us who can attend this workshop.

Cost: 195.00 for the weekend. Advance payment, at least one week early, greatly appreciated. If no advance, we won’t turn away cash payment at door.


Several motels in 35.00 40.00 range. Comfortable and clean. People can double or triple up in most of them, if desired. Also for a few dollars more, Best Western, and Super 8 Motels, all in Fairfield, Iowa, 52556. All within 1 mile of the likely venue. (The venue is likely right on Hwy 34, 1 mile west of town, or in the town square on Sunday. Very easy to find.) Everything very close together.


Many great restaurants. Indian, Thai, Mexican, Italian, Greek, and all the fast foods Mac, Taco John’s, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, etc. Prices are very low comparatively. Example, great Indian Buffet, all you can eat, 6.75. All within 1 mile of venue. (Or within a block, if venue on town square.)

Contact: Anyone should feel free to call, anytime:

PH# 563-773-7958, or 641-472-4505

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