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Chen Zhongua’s Online Workshops

Posted by Editor on December 10, 2007

At, you can check out a very innovative new program, offering “Online Workshops”. It will include direct contact with Master Chen, via video clips, online video with written instructions, mini lessons on concepts and techniques, and various other communications to enhance your progress. Right now, there is an offer to take advantage of the program for free. Some description of details follows

Membership benefits:
Contents updated weekly, bi-weekly or monthly in the following:
Learning through video clips. Online video with written

instructions.  Mini Lessons on concepts and techniques.
Section on Common Errors in Taiji learning.
Online discussion forum. Daoist/Taiji stories.
Discount products on select items. Workshop listings.
Direct online submission to a variety of sections.
Sign up NOW to receive information and benefit FREE.


One Response to “Chen Zhongua’s Online Workshops”

  1. […] 11, 2007 After reading about the free trial to Chen Zhonghua’s online workshop, I had to give it a try. So, I went the online workshop home page and read the description about […]

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