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Chen Style Practical Method Demonstration at Iowa City Riverfest Fitness Fair

Posted by Editor on June 21, 2008

Review by Gene Hess
Every year, on the last weekend in April, the University of Iowa has a weekend long festival. Attracting a crowd of several thousands, the highlight of the weekend is an early Sunday morning 5K & 10K run through the city, culminating with festivities at the Iowa Memorial Union. Most of the runners and spectators gather at the Union for a Fitness Fair that showcases healthy lifestyle activities.

This year, on April 27th, the Iowa City Chen Style Taiji group put on a demonstration and staffed an information booth at the Fitness Fair for approximately 2000 or so attendees. The event took place in a large ballroom with an elevated center stage. Fairfield’s John Brown gave an impressive, on stage performance of the Chen Style Practical Method. This drew the interest of many spectators, who came over to the Chen Style information booth for additional information about the Chen Style Practical Method, as taught by Chen Zhonghua.

The event was organized by Gene Hess. The video was shot by Levi Sowers. The information booth was staffed by Levi Sowers, Brandon Versteegh, John Brown and Gene Hess. It was a great opportunity to meet new people and share the benefits of learning Chen Style Taiji.

Gene Hess

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