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Chen Zhonghua: Workshop in Fairfield, Iowa, July 29, 30

Posted by Editor on June 26, 2008

Chen Zhonghua will be visiting Fairfield on July 29 and 30. The event will be open to the public, offering Southeastern Iowa the unique opportunity to study with a world class master of Taijiquan. Master Chen’s last visit was a memorable experience for all who attended. (For a review of that workshop Fairfield Workshop Review, Dec 10, 2007)

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For details on the July workshop please go to the following:

This is to announce our rare opportunity, to study with Master Chen. He is making a special trip here, visiting on July 29 and 30, Tuesday and Wednesday. This time, there is something new, and an overall program which will be better than ever. It is designed to provide the best experience for both beginning students as well as more advanced students. Master Chen has been refining his program for instruction to pack a more valuable learning experience into his workshops and private sessions. Some of you might be especially interested in the chance for private instruction. There are a few slots available for this, so for anyone who wants to take advantage of this please call as soon as possible, the availability and scheduling is on a first come first served basis. (For those of you already aware of this, do not procrastinate any longer, as you must confirm your schedule as soon as possible.) All the details for the workshop and private sessions is included below. I hope everyone can get back to me sooner rather than later, as your feedback and participation will be part of the process of organizing for this event. RSVP as soon as possible, thank you.

Workshop and Private Lessons

Morningstar Studio, Fairfield, Iowa

Tuesday and Wednesday, July 29 and 30

Workshop in Evenings, 6:30- 9:30. Private Sessions by Appointment

Master Chen is spending more months of the year at Daqingshan Academy in China. This means every available weekend of the year is booked for the remaining open dates, to study with him at workshops in North America, Europe and the Caribbean. We are most fortunate that he has decided to make room in this full schedule, to visit Iowa, mid week at the end of July. Hopefully, all interested parties can take advantage of this rare opportunity.

This event will be organized to gain maximum advantage from the time available. Master Chen has structured a beautiful curriculum, which will offer each attending student a chance to make great strides in their experience and understanding of their Taiji practice. The 2 days and evenings will include a full featured workshop, and scheduled appointments for sessions of private instruction. The private instruction will be prepared and structured to answer the specific guidance requested in advance by the student seeking the instruction.

The workshop, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, July 29 and 30, will include in depth, hands on instruction in foundations and practice. The material will be covered by Master Chen with his personal attention to the guidance required, as appropriate for newer students, as well as more advanced students. The structure will be arranged in 4 main sections.

The first portion of the first evening will offer instruction and corrections of foundations of the practice. The emphasis will be on the stationary foundations practice. The second portion of the first evening will include detailed instruction and Master Chen’s personal corrections on form practice, covering the beginning sections of the form. We can expect that Master Chen will also be demonstrating principles, corrections, and applications, with hands on interaction with attending students.

The second evening, during the first portion, will begin with instruction and corrections of advanced foundations, with emphasis on the moving practice. The second portion of the second evening will include Master Chen’s detailed instruction and personal corrections on form practice, covering further sections of the form, beyond the material covered on Tuesday. As always, Master Chen will make connections and illustrate principles with concrete examples and practical applications.

The private instruction will be offered in sessions of 1 hour and 15 minutes. The student will submit a request for specific subject matter, allowing 3 weeks for Master Chen to review the request and respond with his specific strategy to provide the student with the appropriate instruction and guidance to fully realize the desired objectives. Thus the content will be well defined and planned out, mutually approved by the Master and the student, prior to the instruction. We feel this is a tremendous opportunity for students wishing to achieve higher levels of experience and understanding with any aspects of their practice which require this more focused personal guidance.

Private instruction will be scheduled on a first come, first served basis, for times in the day prior to the evening workshops. Our projected times for the group workshop are approximately 5:30- 6:00 to 9:00 or 9:30, depending on venue and considerations voiced by all participants. The rate for the full workshop, Tuesday and Wednesday, will be 150.00. The rate for one evening only, will be 100.00. The rate for private instruction will be 125.00 per each 1 hour and 15 minutes.

We are announcing this event well in advance to alert everyone to plan summer activities to allow for this great opportunity to study with Master Chen in Iowa. It is very important for everyone to connect with the organizer, John Brown as soon as possible, to allow for organizing the best overall combination of times and acquisition of the best training facility, for a most enjoyable experience for all. Also, for those wishing to take advantage of the special chance for private instruction, be sure and commit early, as only a few slots are available.

Contact for further information Ph# 563-773-7958

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