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Excerpt: Notes from Daqingshan, 2007, May 4

Posted by Editor on February 8, 2010

May 4

The Principle of Separation of Yin and Yang, as applied in Internal Action and External Movement

In Chen Style Practical Method, we always distinguish between movement, which is used for positioning, and action which facilitates rotation. We use the term “movement” in reference to horizontal repositioning of the whole body in its external location in space, forward or backward, left or right.

Rotation involves internal vertical adjustments and repositioning of inner space, engaging in any actions required for directing power outwards, from a stable structure.

Actions for the maintenance of a centered and balanced structure are constantly engaged when there is external pressure from an attacking opponent. We exercise patience. “I allow them to approach my most vulnerable point, then I connect, as they have committed their own central core.

clip_image002 clip_image004 clip_image006

“I engage, then apply energy through my actions and movement. Following attachment, my action/rotation is employed with great effect”.

clip_image004[1] clip_image008

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