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Excerpt: Notes from Daqingshan, 2007

Posted by Editor on February 8, 2010

May 3

Separation of Yin and Yang, as applied to parts of the body interacting while engaged in rotations of the various joints


Create points in the feet: Left heel to ball in right foot, right heel to ball in left foot. We always put pressure on a point in each foot, to generate the appropriate spiral through ankle, lower leg, knee and upper legs, kwa, and then waist, torso, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands.

clip_image004Stance should promote an active coiling energy which separates each part of the legs, upper body, and limbs from its adjacent segment, stretching in the opposite direction. So in a horse stance the feet coil inward from the heel toward the toes. Then the lower leg coils outward from the ankles up towards the knee. Then the upper leg coils inward and upward through the inner thighs and buttocks. Then the kwa coils outwards from the inside, so that the front of the kwa section is opening and stretching outwards. This alternating coiling of adjacent body parts creates a ‘desynchronizing” effect from joint rotation, like gears rotating in place. The result is a fully expanded structure, a Taiji skill conveyed by the term “peng”.


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