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Chen Zhonghua Video Illuminates May 5 Notes from Daqingshan

Posted by Editor on February 11, 2010

Great timing! The following youtube video clip was just posted, by “Practical Method”.

Chen Zhonghua gives a very clear tutorial on fine points of distinction, involved with “how to keep the center” while engaged in

form practice and push hands. The demonstration with a partner later in the video clip, is very pertinent to the principles elaborated in our previous post. Hopefully this visual hands on demonstration will help the reader better grasp the nature of the mechanics which were discussed in Centered Action and Activation of Spatial Relationships in Push Hands.

As Master Chen stated on the earlier occasion,

It involves rotating joints, to reorganize my inner body relationships, creating appropriate angles, to occupy the optimal space for my center balance to be sustained, while my opponent’s space and center is taken away.

It is most helpful and illuminating to gain the advantage of this very clear video demonstration of that critical Taiji principle, in its practical application both in movements during the form, as well as during interactive response to an opponent.

Note the portion of the video when Master Chen shows the different mechanics in play as he presented his center to the opponent straight on, creating a flat surface which was easy to push. Then he showed the effectiveness of the stable center with micro adjustments of rotation presenting an angular surface, immediately destabilizing his partner on the video clip. This was a vivid depiction in direct correlation with his earlier statements:

I adjust relationships inside my body to create the correct angles within my own physical structure. That means my opponent is always presented with a 45 degree angle on any accessible external surface of my body…………

Alignment of my inner structure through joint rotation and midsection adjustments are the means to accomplish my own balanced structure. These internal micro adjustments reposition the angles on the outer surface of my structure, presenting different angles and positions of my hands, arms, and shoulders. This is quite different from outer body movements, which involve arms and hands moving in contact with an opponent, or moving independently from the torso, or hips and lower legs. Once I am in contact with my opponent, the inner actions cause the outer limbs to lengthen, to stretch. This expansion of my outer surface then serves to “take away” my opponent’s space, and reduces time for any reaction.

4 Responses to “Chen Zhonghua Video Illuminates May 5 Notes from Daqingshan”

  1. Chen Zhonghua shows the ability to identify the essence of what makes movements correct, and then conveys these ideas effectively. This talent in itself makes him a jewel, regardless of his actual martial ability (which I’m sure is considerable). Thanks for the post.

  2. Editor said

    I would agree with you, and You are welcome. Enjoy.

  3. […] – Source: Chen Zhonghua Video Illuminates May 5 Notes from Daqingshan […]

  4. William Miller said

    Finally a teacher is willing to plainly spell out what his practice is focused on and give a clear idea about his personal experience when making contact during push hands. The understanding of rotating thru the joints and micro adjustments that effect the point of contact is essential to usage.

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