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To contact us via email, you can leave a comment on this page. It will provide us with your email address, (which will not be visible to other readers). Or you can call and leave a voicemail at 1-641-472-4505.

ChenLaoJiaYiLu Kick before Jump


Martial Arts Bio:

The following is in chronological order, with approximate starting dates for various studies. Only since 1997 has my training been more serious, about 3-4 hours per day. I emphasize that I am a student only, with no claims to mastery. I also teach, with the understanding from my students of that caveat. I am very grateful for what I have learned from each of these teachers. But I have been a slow learner. Very enthusiastic though, with increasing enthusiasm and diligence all the time.

1972: Study of Shaolin and Northern Tai Mantis Kung Fu, under Kam Yuen and Raymond Wong, Los Angeles, California
1974: Study of Yang style Tai Chi, 108 long form, Push hands, etc., under Master Tseng at Tseng’s Tai Chi Academy, Venice California
1992: First exposure to Chen style Tai Chi , along with various Qigongs under Master Chen Yun Xiang
1995: #Ninjitsu arts training, Qigong, and Kendo under 9th degree Ninjutsu master Mark Saito.
1998: #Juko-ryu Ki Breath internal energy breath training and certification under Ed Sakarnoski
#Wudong Tai Chi, internal arts, and Qigong training and certification under Master Yuan Ming Zhang
#Study of Liu He Bafa under Grand Master Liang Shou You
# (Long term, 8 years) Golden Bell internal arts and Qigong training under Dr. Don Zhang and Ed Fleischman
# (Long term) Study of standardized Yang Tai Chi and Bagua Zhang under LI Wang (U of I, Iowa City)
1999: #Study (Introductory)of I Chuan under various masters, including Master Yang Fukui, and Victor Chao
# (Long term, 15 years) Study of I Chuan and internal arts with Fong Ha
#Study of Tai Ji Gong and internal arts under Shaolin Master Xiangyong (Shawn) Liu
#Study of push hands with Grandmaster Dr. Tao
# (Long term) Study of Zhineng Medicine and healing Qigong under Dr. Zhi Gang Sha

#Study of Chen style Tai Chi:
Ren Guang Yi, Silk Reeling, 19 Form, 38 form, Cannon Fist, Straight Sword, Broadsword
Chen Xiao Wang, Silk Reeling, Laojia Yi Lu, Push Hands, 6 Healing Sounds
Chen Zhenglei, Silk Reeling, 18 Form, Lao JIa Yi Lu, Xin Jia Yi Lu,
Xu Tian Cai, Silk Reeling, Lao Jia Yi Lu, Lao Jia Er Lu

# Tidal Wave Chi Kung and Mind Light Nei Kung with Dr Gary Clyman
# I Chuan, structural mechanics, internal power principles with Richard Tarracks
# (Introductory) of Pre Heaven Power Method with Dr Wei-Chung Lin
# (Introductory workshop) of Hebei Xin Yi with Sifu Henry Look
# (Introductory workshop) of Jiu Long (9 Dragon) Bagua Zhang under Dr John Painter

# Beginning in Summer of 2003, Chen Style Taijiquan, Hong’s Practical Method, and Hunyuan Qigong, from Chen Zhonghua (Joseph Chen)- International Standard Bearer of Hong’s Practical method of Chen Tai Chi and direct disciple of the top 2 students of Chen Fake: Feng Zhiqiang, and Hong JunSheng. Following the second year of study, gained certification as Level 1 instructor for Lao Jia, Hong’s Practical Method. Completed Full Time, Master Level Instructor Training, with Chen Zhonghua, at Daqingshan, (The Big Green Mountain),China, in a 3 month intensive program, in Summer of 2007.
# Subsequent to my training in China, there have been several workshops with Master Chen, in  Fairfield, Iowa, in Bentonville, Arkansas, in Milwaukee, and most recently in October, 2013, in Iowa City, Iowa.

#Now retired from martial arts competitions. Most recent awards:
August 2000, International Wushu-Kung Fu championships, Baltimore Maryland
Gold Medal, first place-internal styles-for Liu He Bafa
Bronze Medal, third place, internal styles, all ages division, weapons-for Chen Tai Chi straight sword
March 2001 – Pro Am/AKA International All Martial Arts Championships in Chicago:
First Place, Internal styles, seniors division, for Liu He Bafa
First Place, Tai Chi Chuan, all ages division, for Chen Tai Chi

45 Responses to “About and Contact”

  1. Paul Mushrush said

    Internal Arts IA,

    Just a quick note to say thanks again. I replied to the kindness from Wujimon, and I apologize to you here (if need be) for the diversion off-topic. I went to Wujimon’s site and continued there a bit.

    “Mind-intent” is another of those veil-shrouded areas that need to be quantified somehow; it’s excellent to find the discussion and expansion you provided.

    I see your bio is pretty awesome, you’ve had an amazing journey so far! Mine is just beginning in formal sense, but I’ve been fairly serious about “working on my own” in past years. But “man sharpens on man” so I’ve got a lot of honing to do. I hope to come up with a bit more to contribute to your site which privately I will say, is for me the best and most on-target I’ve found (and I’ve been looking long!). I commend your efforts, the fruit of long labors and care. Paul

  2. Hello! The good Wujimon suggested I ask you about Joseph Chen’s videos. Thanks for any advice about this. Here’s the exchange:

    # chenquestion Says: October 14th, 2006 at 5:34 pm

    Yes, that was my experience, I was always intriqued by Hong Junsheng’s special approach to taiji, but baffled as well. Then my search for better information on the “kua” led me to Chen Zhonghua, but still so much was unclear. Internalartsia helped to throw the doors open wide. BTW, this morning I found out I can get a VCD of Master Chen demonstrating the foundations of the Hong system. Looks like a must-have, no need to save up for this one!

    # wujimon Says: October 15th, 2006 at 4:22 am

    there’s actually a little “easter egg” found in the “Foundations” VCD. There’a about 22 extra mins of footage at the very end that shows him demonstrating the whole yilu form! In addition, it shows portion of a self-defence workshop focusing on the first couple of movement! Definitely a good and highly recommended.

    Send InternalArtsIA an email, he may have the VCD and other footage he may recommend.

  3. chenquestion said

    Just a quick follow-up, I finally ordered the “Foundations” VCD just now (from the source, so soon I hope to be enhancing my practice with superior methods from a dynamic teacher (albeit by video only). Also I found I couldn’t resist the “Cannon Fist” demo VCD for only $5 (!). I’m light-years from doing the Er Lu form but for one thing, I’m curious to see the footwork and other methods employed. Happy holidays to all –

  4. Redrooster said

    Thats quite a martial arts bio!

    Im wondering if you could suggest a Bagua Zhang instructor in the Iowa City- Cedar Rapids area?



  5. Adam said

    I am also looking for an instructor in the internal martial arts (ba gua or qigong) in the cedar rapids/Iowa city area, books don’t seem to fully describe all the nuances of the stances and motions


  6. Redrooster said

    Do you teach at all these days? Im interested in Chi Gung/ Nei Gung primarily.



  7. johnny omen said


    I’m curious as to your opinion of the Tidal Wave Chi Kung and the Mind Light Nei Kung?


  8. Love the site! I’m a student of Chen Zhonghua since 2002. Please stop by my site sometime as I’m sure i’ll be back here time and time again. Peace. Michael Joyce ( )

  9. Editor said

    HI Michael,

    Great to hear from you! Thanks for your kind appreciation. Your site also looks quite cool. I also notice your varied interests. As a musician I appreciate that we may share some other interests also. You are lucky to have studied with Master Chen all these years. Maybe some time we will run into each other and share in the practice also. Keep up the good work.

  10. Would you like to add your school to the World Tai Chi Directory at

  11. Editor said

    Hi Ian,

    We have followed up with our listing submitted to

    Thank you very much for the invitation.

  12. donna said

    I recently had the opportunity to view the documentary Soul Masters Dr. Guo and Dr. Sha. Soul Masters is a profound and powerful film that reveals ancient yet simple teachings and practices that have the power to transform and heal every aspect of one’s life. As I watched the film more than once, I find that the teachings speak to me in new ways each time I viewed the film.

    Teachings on the power of the soul are amazing and the impact that soul healing had on many of the participants worthy of another viewing. I am convinced that this documentary will remain the go to source for soul wisdom and teachings of the soul for generations to come.

    The film is filled with love, healing and transformation. A powerful tool of transformation.

    Donna Schmidt

  13. shawn green said

    Soooo…. Are you lacated in Fairfield? I moved here from California back in November and I am looking to start training in chinese martial arts again in August. Do you train students or are learning from someone here in town? Sorry to pepper you with a bunch of lame questions but its late on a Saturday night and I don’t have time to view all the material that is posted here. Its alot!!



  14. Stephen said

    I’m thrilled to see others in the Iowa City/Cedar Rapids area looking for training in the internal martial arts. I myself am very interested in learning Bagua and Chen Tai Chi. Anyone interested in getting together for some group practice sessions? (I live in Coralville)

  15. Paul Czerner said

    Hello to Fairfield, Iowa:

    I knew a Tai Chi instructor in the late 1980’s, who I don’t remember his name. He was African-American and of short stature, taught Tai Chi classes and created a Tai Chi video, part of which I helped in — I would like to get in contact with him. Does anyone know him? Any leads would be helpful.

    Thank you in advance for your assistance.


    Paul Czerner

  16. Kyro Lantsberger said

    Im very impressed with your practice and the teachers/lineages you have been able to associate with. Im a Hsing I/Tai Chi/Bagua student living in Southern MN, about 3 hrs away from you. Have many years in training, but have not been associated with a high level instructor for awhile. Can I get on a mailing list for seminars?


  17. Ron Louthan said

    Hi, John–just checking out your site–pretty cool.
    Looking forward to seeing you Sat.

  18. Waow enjoyed reading your blogpost. I added your rss to my reader.

  19. […] through the link above to see more notes from InternalArtsia on his experiences at the Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method Full Time Daqingshan workshop with […]

  20. Gabriel said

    to whom it may concern,

    I am originally from Iowa City and will be heading back there in the summer to start school. I was hoping to get involved with Chen style taiji while in Iowa. I started training in this art while here in China with Yang Hefa, Ma Hong’s 传人, and would like to continue in this art. If it suits you, would you please point me in the right direction?


  21. Mike said

    I was wondering if you knew someone around the Cedar Rapids area who practices chen style tai chi and push hands.


  22. Ike said

    I am looking for a Ninjitsu teacher in Iowa City. Do you have any contact information?

  23. Hop said

    I live near Cedar Rapids and practice the internal arts. I would like to know if you teach Hong’s Practical Method in Fairfield. If so, how can I get more information about classes?
    Thank you,

    • Editor said

      “I would like to know if you teach Hong’s Practical Method in Fairfield.”

      Yes I do teach Hong’s Practical Method in Fairfield.

      “If so, how can I get more information about classes?”

      Easy. Please send your questions and/or better yet, your contact information to

      If you send your phone number and time to call, we can get back to you promptly.

      • ghgmacct said

        Hello Editor,

        Please tell me how to log into your Protected Posts area. I have entered my WordPress password, but that does not work. Is there a seperate registration for your blog space?

        Many thanks,


  24. Editor said

    Hi GHGM,

    That post is protected, for exclusive viewing of some personal associates. The restriction is necessary, since the article is my orignal unedited submission to Kung Fu Tai CHi magazine. That January issue of the magazine is available for you now, on the newstands (Barnes and Noble and other magazine sellers) until early February. After the first week of February, when that issue comes off the stands, I will be able to remove the restriction, and you can read my full article. So feel free to check back in a few weeks, to enjoy it. (It is unlikely that I will be posting any “protected” posts for quite awhile, so don’t worry about that, for the future.

    Thank you for your interest,


  25. Ed said

    Are there any classes in the Iowa City area? If not, where and where are the nearest classes. I have studied Cheng Man Ching’s style for many years and am interested in other internal arts.

    Thank you

  26. Scott Crowe said

    Are you currently teaching a regular class in Fairfield? If so, can I get details to join?

  27. Joe Hayes said

    I would be very interested in studying with you in Iowa City or Fairfield.
    Thanks 🙂

    • Editor said

      *Hi Joe,* * * *Easily arranged. I am available here in Fairfield. You can call me at (641)-472-4606, to set up a class for you. Best time to reach me is in the afternoon. If I am not here when you call, I usually return calls within an hour or two.* * * *Thank you for your interest,* * * *John *

  28. Chris Dusek said

    Hey John,
    Its Chris. I will be moving back to Iowa City for Grad school this fall and was wondering if Master Chen was going to be coming to Iowa this summer or Fall. Thanks.

    • Editor said

      • Editor said

        Hi Chris,

        Great idea. I just spoke with a student from out of town the other day, about trying to make this happen. It would require a few people like you, and him, to secure 3 or 4 friends each, willing to make a deposit, so I could guarantee a good group (15 to 20 participants). Do you think that would be possible? (There is another person at U of I, who I would approach for the same proposition, so you and he would be separate, each seeking 3 or 4 different networking candidates.)

        Otherwise, Master Chen is making very few visits to the US these days. I would definitely be very inspired to gather a great group here, for the MIdwest contingent. Every workshop we held here so far has been a great success. This one would be the best yet, as skill levels of students and disciples in the area have risen.



    • Chris Dusek said

      Let me know what the cost per person would be and what amount we are looking for so I can see if I know if anyone is interested.

  29. Adam said

    I am located in Cedar Rapids and I am interested in tai chi classes and would like any more information that is available. Do you still teach Tai Chi in the Fairfield/Cedar Rapids area? I have no martial arts background other than taking a tai chi class for a summer about 20 years ago. Please respond at your earliest convenience. Thank you.

  30. シャネル メイクブラシ カバンバック

  31. Nick Norris, 832-215-5954 (c) said

    Hi, Wondering if you might be available to get together sometimes b/wn this SAT, 8/15 and TU afternoon, 8/18 in Fairfield?

    I am a 20+ year Chinese martial arts practitioner studying and teach Yang style tai chi empty hand, sword, and two person sets as well as Chin Na and push hands under Sifu Jeff Bolt (a senior student of Master Yang Jwing Ming). I also studied and taught some White Crane Northern Long Fist under Jeff as well as Wah Lum Tam Tui Praying Mantis under Sifu Wallace Cupp (senior student under Master Poi Chan).
    I talked w/you last summer about getting together to practice Tai Chi, push hands, and possibly some two person sets (including Chin Na) when I was visiting my wife’s family in Fairfield. We weren’t able to get together b/c you had pre-existing travel plans.
    Look forward to hearing back from you — and hopefully getting together. Please feel free to invite others — exchanging experiences and insights w/those that value it is a rare opportunity, not to be passed up.

  32. Steve said

    Hi, I am live in the Iowa City area. I noticed that you studied Baguazhang with someone at the University of Iowa. I have a strong interest in learning Baguazhang – do you teach this art or is there someone in the area you could refer me to? I have been struggling to find a teacher.

  33. JosephCague said

    kqgz qd this site

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