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4 Responses to “Vedic Knowledge”

  1. chenquestion said


    I wonder if I might bring up the topic of meditation. Both as a personal practice, and as an activity that can benefit society (though the latter aspect might make good discussion on InsideAwake?). The only time I pursued seated meditation for an extended period, I was motivated by some Ninjitsu information I had found. I failed to keep up with that practice.

    I do the Wuju standing meditation – and stance-keeping work – in taiji practice, but it tends to feel somehow “subordinate” to the moving practice. (I think ideally, it should be the other way ’round!)

    I saw that you’ve studied ninjitsu and also I wonder if you have experience in meditation practice that you wouldn’t mind sharing. I can come up with a few specific questions if this is deemed a good topic. Thanks for listening!

  2. Hi Chenquestion,

    I think you have raised the possibilities for a very fruitful set of topics. As you can see, we have been less active on the blogs recently. In fact, the intention is to develop the Insideawake blog with precisely the line of discussion that you have suggested. (The Vedic Knowledge category will be shifted to the other blog.) Hopefully time will become available for that in the next few weeks. (Actually, we have been engaged in some extra long periods of meditation recently. Perhaps adjustment to the schedule will allow for some writing time in the not so distant future.) Thank you very much for your suggestions.

  3. chenquestion said

    My pleasure! I’m glad I asked. I’m irritated with myself for not having kept up with daily meditation “somehow” despite the difficulties in modern society. Lately I’ve been working towards getting started again, using my hands as a focal point for attention; not quite finger-knitting, but along those lines.

    IMHO, any writing of yours is worth the wait, whether it be a week or a year. So Godspeed on this and your other endeavors.

  4. G. Michael Reynolds said

    I’ve ‘adapted’ some of the mikkyo finger-tying practices and when i have the wherewithal to keep up with it have found it to be quite helpful.

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